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177+ Best Husband Wife Quotes in English| पति पत्नी की दुख भरी शायरी

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Husband Wife Quotes in English: The relationship between husband and wife is considered to be the most sacred relationship in the world. Only love and trust connect two people to each other. In husband-wife relationship, two people express each other’s feelings without saying anything. It is not that there are never differences in the relationship between husband and wife, but love gets hidden even in fights. Along with love and trust, respect is also important between husband and wife. The relationship between husband and wife progresses only with each other’s cooperation and this is how different partners are formed.

husband wife quotes in english

Loneliness has made my steps waver so much.
Earlier you were near. now you have started going away from my life.

Some people have started liking my words.
We are not alone in this full world.

How can I say that I have forgotten you.
Your memory still haunts me.

Everyone in the city of the heart.
A season has changed. sir.
Be it the rain of love.
Or alas. autumn.

Who prays for death for himself.
Think about that person from within.
You must be so broken in love.

Appreciate the one who loves you very much.
I have heard that such lovers are very difficult to find.

This life gives pain only to him.
Who knows how to suffer silently.

Where will you find such a person?
whose who’s.
talk to only one person.

There is no burning sensation that much even in sunlight.
Sir. what is the number of people these days?

Who had no dearth of fans.
Today we have seen that person alone.

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love quotes in english and hindi

This is the custom of the times. sir.
It’s your fault that you loved me.

Now I no longer trust your promise.
That’s why this heart is no longer yours.

Hey. I have also gone through that phase of life.
Where I have silenced myself even while crying.

This loneliness has started troubling me a lot.
My heart is breaking due to your indifference.

Kept fighting with our own people for a traitor.
And he cheated and left me alone.

Today my existence seems somewhat strange.
Everyone is together but why does the heart feel alone?

I have stopped showing it.
I feel sad because my.
There is no one to understand your feelings.

You were the only one on whose strength I was breathing.
Come back. loyalty in life is not complete.

He had made up his mind to leave us.
Fate was just an excuse for him.

After moving away from you. I am alone but.
This is just solace.
Now there is no cheating with me.

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husband and wife jokes in english

Maybe he’s looking for something better.
And we are not good either.

I don’t have the right on your wish. but my heart wants it.
I will wait for you till my last breath.

What should we do with these beautiful scenes of nature?
If you are not with me. what will I do with the moon and stars?

Nowadays people also
it’s like the stock market
Don’t know when and how many will fall.

When dreams were broken then I realised.
By making it our own in this deceitful era.
People set out on a lonely journey.

get away from that person
Despite you. who?
need someone else.

The passing age has also started getting old.
Due to lack of time.
Oh life is giving me sorrow now.

I don’t need words.
Now I have started reading faces.
I have started living alone in this selfish world.

Ever since these friends regained consciousness. they have suffered only sorrows.
That’s why I am still alone in life.

some flowers of love.
Don’t bloom while waiting.
People are standing on the floor.
Don’t meet in the middle.

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love quotes in english for husband

No matter how many words I have.
If I can’t reach you. everything is useless.

Everything changes with time.
Earlier we were stubborn. now we are patient.

Maybe he’s looking for something better.
And we are not good either.

Someone has rightly said that they also feel sad.
We find people who maintain relationships with great dedication.

The truth and mystery of this world.
The less you know.
The more the better.

Nowadays everyone shows affection.
Who is our own and who is a stranger?
Only the pain of time tells us.

If circumstances are bad then they are your own.
They start behaving like strangers.

I wish my one last prayer could be accepted.
May your memories go away from this broken heart.

I fell asleep with my head in the lap of happiness.
When I woke up. there was a new wound on my heart.

How do I spend every evening?
If I could see without you.
never leave me alone.

husband love quotes in english

Friend. when you keep your family in darkness.
If you can love then why not marry?

Fate is more unfaithful than love.
She leaves you only when necessary.

Man also gets completely broken.
whom he loves more than anything.
And he leaves her.

I wish those people were so good.
The better status they post.

There is a price for being alone.
They are attracted towards the one who can bear pain.

The eyes were filled with stones.
I often wait for him.
I your tears.
I went out of control.

It is not in my nature to disappear on every face.
I have also started loving you.

Deep secrets are hidden in words.
People consider it a poem or joke and just smile.

If circumstances are bad then they are your own.
They start behaving like strangers.

Now from my loneliness.
I don’t have any lessons. I am a stone.
I don’t even love myself.

पति-पत्नी के रिश्ते की समस्याओं | married life husband wife quotes in english

To endure alone is to live alone.
One has to drink every tear of loneliness alone.

I wish you could understand the principles of love.
Don’t make anyone lonely by being in his breath.

I am alone but I smile a lot.
I am supporting myself with great passion.

Don’t look for my character in the crowd of the world.
The faithful are always found alone.

Those who learn to live alone.
They don’t need anyone else again.

Some wrong people in life.
Come and give us life.
Taught the right lesson.

We are not fond of making friends with those birds.
Who is fond of flying with everyone.

He had made up his mind to leave us.
Fate is theirs only.
There was an excuse for this.

This broken heart.
How difficult it is to explain.
After you left.
Life is difficult to live.

who are happy without me.
Why should I bother him?

नाराजगी वाली शायरी

Although every color of the weather is familiar to me. but.
The loneliness of the night seems something else to me.

Every drop of rain knows.
what is loneliness.

Listen. be alone and live in loneliness.
It’s the same as smiling and being sad.

My own people alone have done this much.
That loneliness now feels like mine.

I haven’t even changed mine.
There is some story.
I have become bad for my own people.
It’s a favor.

Many times in this life.
Makes you stand at such a turning point.
that if things are said.
then relationships die.
And if you keep it in your heart.
Then man himself dies.

O heart whose heart is for you.
there is no place.
Why is he special to you?

Even today we do not live alone.
Our loneliness has made us its own.

This world is a fair of our own people.
If you look carefully. everyone is alone here.

I freed.
Every relationship. every person.
which is only for you.
was with me.

husband wife love quotes in english

How quickly they go away.
Those people whom we.
ever understand life.
Don’t want to lose.

Now whatever the heart desires will happen.
Whatever happens next remains to be seen.

Don’t look for my character in the crowd of the world.
The faithful are always found alone.

Everyone is busy with some work.
Even today we are sitting idle waiting for you.

Now from my loneliness.
I don’t have any lessons. I am a stone.
I don’t even love myself.

Attacked the heart in a very beautiful way.
First loved and then left by loneliness.

I am feeling very lonely today.
did it myself.
As people buried themselves and went away.

I cheated the most.
I have eaten out of your kindness.
Treat the other person as he is.
It seemed as if it had been taken. but after that.
I came to know that the people here.
With more faces than Ravana.
roaming around.

by cheating someone.
Don’t think how much it is.
she’s dope.
Imagine that he is on you.
How much trust there was.

Amazing isn’t it?
Although the eyes are not ponds.
are filled.
And yet man is not the weather.

पति पत्नी का रिश्ता स्टेटस 2 line

Now I will not hurt anyone.
Now we will not assert our rights on anyone.
Now by remaining silent like this.
We will spend this moment in our life.

I wish someone was mine too.
The one who says don’t cry.
Your crying hurts me too.

being online all the time.
people in real life.
are very lonely.

I wish my one last prayer could be accepted.
May your memories go away from this broken heart.

Now even my loneliness has started telling me.
Love me. I am not unfaithful either.

Now things happen automatically.
Anyway nowadays people say.

There is no hatred.
But now I want to talk to someone.
I do not think so.

Life tempts them too.
Who has someone to wipe the tears?
No one was there.

Can’t live in double character.
That’s why I look alone.

Crying and sleeping alone at night.
I don’t feel anyone after waking up in the morning.
Let it happen. life has also learned this skill.

पति पत्नी झगड़ा शायरी

Man learns to live alone.
When he came to know this.
Now whoever supports me.
There is no one here.

Experience says.
Only silences.
is better.
people with words.
I feel very angry.

I’m alone. I need a little company from you.
There are so many things but I need your hand.
Consider a duty or need someone special to fulfill the enemy.

A lonely night says a lot.
But only he can hear.
who himself is alone.

Now I am learning to spend some moments alone.
The skill of always being there for everyone is now becoming expensive.
Used to be.

This was my biggest habit.
laugh and say.
My very hobby brings me into disrepute.

We are wandering in this world alone. unknown.
After fulfilling everyone’s wishes. we were left alone.

feeling of relationships.
the person who loves you
leave me crying.
believe me. sometimes
can’t be yours.

Boys who are true at heart.
always remain alone.

Let me be who I am. let me flow like the wind.
I am a lonely traveller. leave me alone.

husband wife quotes in kannada

Till yesterday I was missing him. today he is missing me.
Because now I feel lonely.

feels very strange.
someone’s despite everyone’s
not being together.

He is also sad in loneliness.
I am also sad due to loneliness.
I guess it’s my fault.
But you are still my special one.
you are my hope.

by my silence.
Have bought peace many times.

Those boys who are true at heart.
always remain alone.

Some things have to be decided alone.
Travel. every part of life.
There is no companion in the journey.

Life is also with us.
Have played many games.
The whole gathering was happy.
But are alone in sorrow.

Although I am alone. I am not alone.
Your memories have given me some support.

I can no longer bear the burden of sorrow alone.
If I had met her somewhere. I would have hugged her and cried.

I have only one third prayer.
Otherwise. who sits alone and drinks tea?

love quotes in english hindi

Now things happen on their own.
People are saying anyway these days.

Never forget those people.
with you.
Then. when you have.
Nobody was there.

more than myself.
No one else should understand.
own pain.

It has become like a station.
Light. where people are.
There are many. but one of our own.

What difference does it make whether someone is with me or not?
Because life is now a genie alone.

Whenever you break. break alone.
Damn this world is full of spectacle.

I am very happy with myself.
Because my loneliness is better than those gatherings.
Where everyone’s goals are not even his own.

You are alone on the journey.
How did you agree?
your mother always.
You have contradictory things.
Blessings are always written in your mother’s palms.

How much passion has left me.
to talk.
Like over you for centuries.
We were some load.

Life also belongs to youth.
makes me cry.
wherever near.
the one who asks about the storm.
No one was there.

husband quotes in english one line

To share our loneliness.
These memories come back.
But these eyes are sad. sir.
To see the picture.
remain floating.

Not that day. not that night.
That’s not the first emotion.
Even now things are about to happen.
But that is not the point in these things.

There are many amazing people in this world.
add your friends.
Yes. I am a friend of a friendly friend.
When the mind is full. it leaves.

I have learned from loneliness.
But the truth is.
With glimpses of show off.
Distances from reality are good.

No matter how much you love someone.
Why don’t you feel like it?
One day’s man can prove bad.

Something else in life.
whether it is mine or not.
But unfortunate always.
They are mine only.

I have changed myself so much.
It’s not even a matter of now.
If you want to talk.

It feels very bad when.
Bells that talk to us.
of these minutes.
there’s no time.

I had no one except you.
Of this matter.
You will take advantage.

Those who left me.
Teach me this.
That I also have a glimpse of solo business.

पति पत्नी नाराजगी शायरी

From darkness in childhood.
It seems like.
Today in the same darkness.
There is good conscience.

This way people Ruth.
gone my.
Like a world as bad as me.
There is no one else in me.

We are the nights that bring new mornings.
People leave us and say all kinds of things. those who never forgive are with us.

Well. this has become the pride of our relationship. this has become the smile on each other’s lips.
We will maintain friendship with you. in this way we will become a symbol of friendship in the world.

Memories often haunt. someone or the other gets upset and then the mood gets spoiled.
It is not difficult to play other characters. you just need to have love for it in your heart.

This is how beautiful relationships keep breaking.
When the heart is full. people get angry again and again.

Today I remembered you.
When it rained without season.

On you from the past nights.
was the best.
In case of any accident.

If he was unfaithful.
happens in a crowd.
That’s why they are loyal.
are alone.

This is how we found after the ancient. as if after the thought we found reality.
I ask her to tell me that she cried a lot after my questions.

पति पत्नी की दुख भरी शायरी

The straws kept scattering. kept descending into the darkness of loneliness.
Every evening was heaven. with friends who would join each other and then separate.

Eyes are the personality.
If you understand then eyes say a lot. who says eyes are bread.
It is the heart that cries but it is also called the eyes.



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