211+ Best Romantic English Shayari | रोमांटिक शायरी फॉर गर्लफ्रैंड

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यह लेख अंग्रेजी में हार्दिक प्रेम कविताओं का एक संग्रह प्रस्तुत करता है, जो आत्मा को छूने और गहरी भावनाओं को प्रेरित करने के लिए डिज़ाइन किया गया है। काव्यात्मक यात्रा अभिव्यंजक छंदों के माध्यम से प्रेम के आकर्षक क्षेत्र की खोज करती है, जिससे पाठकों को शब्दों की शक्ति में डूबने का मौका मिलता है।

This article presents a collection of heartfelt love poetry in English, designed to touch the soul and inspire deep feelings. The poetic journey explores the fascinating realm of love through expressive verses, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the power of words.

Romantic English Shayari: Welcome to our enchanting world of love poetry in english. Love knows no bounds, nor does the beauty of poetic expression. In this article, we bring you a curated collection of heartfelt and captivating love shayari, designed to touch your soul. Whether you want to express your deepest feelings, express affection, or simply immerse yourself in the power of words, our love poetry in English will inspire and resonate with you. Join us on this poetic journey as we explore the fascinating realm of love through the lens of expressive verses.

Romantic English Shayari

I didn’t love myself that much.
The amount of love I have for you.
my life.

One you and yours.
Love is enough for me.

Till yesterday you were a stranger.
Every heartbeat today.
But you have the power.

I have a lot of love in my heart.
If your dreams sleep for you.
And when I wake up I think about you.

You must be worried. right?
the only love.
You are mine.

Put your hand on my heart.
And your heart is in my name.
do it.

As soon as I wake up in the morning.
It’s good to have memories.
feels like.

There is nothing to tell. but will you let me tell?
My love for you is limitless. I have a right to it.
will you tell me.

You will meet many people who love you in the world.
But for me you are the only one.
is my world.

I don’t know how many dreams I have cherished with you.
You are decorating your life.
I have made you my world.

First Love Shayari in Hindi 

Khush Raho Shayari in Hindi

love shayari english language

You are like a pink rose.
You are like the flow of life.
Everyone is eager to read.
You are like a book worth reading.

You come quietly and descend into this heart.
You become my fragrance and spread in my breath.
This is how the magic of your love works.
Only you are visible while sleeping and waking up.

How people fall in love with each other.
Our eyes should meet theirs.

I want to kiss your cheeks.
I don’t say this with such sincerity.
This is a request.

You say that your intentions are flawed.
What should I do now my love?
my boyfriend is so hot

You don’t even realize what you are.
For me first love then habit.
And now life.

I love you with all my heart. your name is on my lips.
whether you love or not.
My life is in your name.

Seeing you brings such a glow on my face.
As if I have everything because of you.
is found.

Who stays with us from birth to birth.
You become such a bond.
May I be a heart full of love.
You become the heartbeat.

What should I do to praise my beloved.
Because of her beauty.
Even a rose should blush.

Jaan Shayari in Hindi | जान शायरी हिंदी

romantic english shayari

Tell him to take care of himself.
Granted. the breath is his. but
Life is ours.

Now I will not love anyone.
This is a promise to you because this lover
Need you more than anything.

Everything happens without you.
Just can’t make ends meet.

Maybe you don’t know.
You are very special.
you stay away from me.
But this is close to the heart.

If you laugh then to make me laugh.
If you cry. to make me cry.
Try getting angry with us once.
I would die to convince you.

I don’t need millions. you
Be one in a million for me.

The most precious thing in the world.
The gift is ‘Humsafar’.
Which is not by price but by luck.
We get you just like we get you.

Let me write a message on your heart with my eyes.
If you say so then my soul is yours.
Let me write the name.

I don’t know where so much love comes from.
My heart is also yours for you.
The maid gets angry with me.

You are like a rose. you look like a rose.
If you smile even a little.
You look amazing.

romantic age of english literature

bother you sometimes.
It feels good anyway.
You look amazing even when angry.

Of course we had to wait a little.
But the most beautiful person in the world.
Friend we found.

How beautiful is the feeling of your love even when you are far away.
I also feel as if you are mine every moment.
is around.

Whose dreams were till tomorrow.
Today he is with me. now he is with me.
I don’t realize whether it is day or night.

❝When the ocean of love descends into someone’s soul.
Then people are alive but.
inside someone else.

You are my happiness without which.
All my happiness is incomplete.
It seems.

Tired of the whole day. you are online.
finish watching.

By keeping my lips silent.
This mischief you do.
my heart gets injured.
When with your eyes.
you say.

Everyone guesses about my love.
When I hear your name.
I smile.

How sweet my beloved.
His memories are also sweet.
His words are also sweet.
Its feeling is also sweet.
And there is no answer to what.

रोमांटिक शायरी फॉर गर्लफ्रैंड – romantic shayari roman english

Even your anger looks so cute.
That I yearn for you all day long.
keep troubling me.

We lost our senses after seeing your smile.
We were about to come to our senses when you
Then sat smiling.

Sometimes on my heart.
hold your hand and see.
How fast does it go?
After seeing you beating.

Every thing written on my heart is special.
Maybe of first love.
I have a feeling.

You are right.
Mix like a dream.
To the lost traveller.
Mix like a moonlit night.

Moonlight sweeter than the moon. moonlight sweeter than the moon.
Sweeter night. sweeter life than night.
You are dearer than life.

Please join me in my life sometime.
Sometimes in the smile of lips. eyes.
in the water of.

You are right.
Blend like a dream.
To the lost traveler.
Mix like a tangled night.

How I love to torment.
And then celebrate with love.

❝If we had a hundred hearts.
God bless everyone.
everything happens.
shayari love romantic.
I don’t know about love.
But yes. every poem of mine.
Only the girl is mentioned.

english love story shayari

If as per my wish.
Everything happens with time.
So it’s just me and you.
And it kept raining all night.

Hope to meet someone love.
Even if it doesn’t happen. wait.
related to.

The gift of debt even without you in this life.
Taught people love affairs.
it also happens.

Everyone says love happens only once in a lifetime.
It should be done but I have to reveal it again and again.
I feel like making love.

Some people call old age love.
So getting something is called love.
The truth is. we just.
Character is called love.

Sometimes loving can be difficult.
But friends. something for love.
This can also be done.

Take a look into my heart.
You admire that vision.
life is mine.

This heart has only one desire.
When I open my eyes you are with me.
And when my eyes are closed. this is your dream.

It is very difficult to find weapons.
Don’t get lost now.
It’s absolutely fake. it’s fake.
Now there is no one.

Have you ever missed the morning?
If you ever want to remember me in the evening.
Sometimes I miss you so much.
Mirror. we see you coming.

romantic english words

hide some and tell some.
Some make you cry and some make you laugh.
Every person loves someone.
Some just go away and some play all their life.

Every time you accuse us of love.
Sometimes ask yourself this.
Why are you there?

Life is too short for love.
Then after getting angry with someone else and losing my eyes.
what do you want.

My heart yearns to see him.
The heart yearns for their wait.
What should I say to this cursed heart?
someone else’s.
For beats.

Spread like fragrance in the breath.
Will enter the heart as universal.
Try to feel.
Look close even from a distance.

Smile has no value.
Relationships have no toll.
People are found on every road.
But everyone likes you.
is not priceless.

You are the moon and I am the stars.
We have a home in the sky.
People watch from a distance.
We only have the right to see the latest.

Who knows when your eyes will express.
There will be love in your heart for us too.
This night is sweet in your memory.
Someday you too will be waiting for us.

My taste is very wonderful.
If you don’t believe it. try it yourself.
look in the mirror.

Why do my eyes want to see you?
Why do you just talk.
Why did I feel so much to you.
Katti counting the stars in your love.
Now this is my night.

romantic shayari in english for girlfriend

Heart to heart with the pen of your love.
You talk till birth.
Why don’t you say it directly?
You love me so much.

I want to get lost in your eyes.
Today I want to sleep in all three arms.
Breaking all the limits of the world.
Today I want to make you my partner.

I spend the whole day trying to pull myself together.
Then at night the wind of his memory blows.
And we became useless again.

Seeing you smile like that to me.
All the family members doubt me.
do it.

If you get a government job that gives you a good future.
But true loving destiny.
dating from.

I feel like posting a status with your name.
But I didn’t like it.
that someone likes you.

Last night I had a dream. you were there in my dreams.
We both were together.
were wandering away.

When eyes appear the heart itches.
Thinking that if not today then tomorrow you.
It will be mine.

Friend. your cheeks are my heart’s desire.
I didn’t say that this is my heart’s desire.

I have so many documents from Tehran
Even among three thousand flowers.
can find.

Go ahead and look at me to your heart’s content.
It doesn’t matter whether I embrace these moments somewhere.

romantic love shayari english

If you laugh then to make me laugh.
You are here to make me cry.
Try getting angry with us once.
die to salute you.

Till yesterday you were just a stranger.
Today the heart has one eye on marriage.

You will join me in my life sometime.
Sometimes in Munto’s laughter. in the tears of eyes.

Best romantic poetry for girlfriend.
Best romantic poetry for girlfriend
show bit by bit
I fell in love too much.

It is not a matter of discussion.
But will you tell me that love is infinite Roshni.
Hak. will you let me know if I love you?

Seeing this miraculous picture. we lost the truth.
We were the same ones in the pictures and you are sitting in the pictures again.

When you are not there it opens up a lot.
Love turns out to be true.

I am innocent about my life.
You are dearer to me than freedom.

Meet a person like this.
Whenever we meet. we meet an honest person.

Don’t tell me how many friends he has.
He is our dear friend. we are friends with him dearly.
It doesn’t matter the distance.
She was ours yesterday and is ours today also.

love shayari english urdu

I don’t care if the whole world gets angry.
Just a terra terror terrorist gives me a pleasant experience.

Your eyes are the story of my life.
You are an important part of my life.
My love for you is not just about words.
I have a relationship with you from soul to soul.

Made your home near my heart.
I made you live in my dreams.
opinion question
Made every account of yours my destiny.

Holding your fish to the lips.
This one who goes after teaching you.
my heart gets injured.
When you say with your eyes.

spread my hair some day.
Why should the days become gargantuan everyday?
Pass through the streets of my heart like a fragrance.
Like a plant. I am broken some day.

You say there is something wrong with your destiny.
What should I do now my love?
My sister-in-law is so hot.

Don’t stuff. we are just getting to see.
Look at the copy. my dear young man.
We are just that.

As much as I love you.
I want to have more.
Know what is that quality in you that.
Everyone wants to have a relationship with you.

I wish one wish gets fulfilled without praying.
May he come and hug me. without my permission.

The moisture of my eyelids is a witness to this.
Even today I love you very much.

romantic shayari in english for boyfriend

May your picture remain on the wall of my heart.
And may my fate be in your hands.

You will meet many people who love you in the world.
But for me you are my world.

You stole my every moment.
Your eyes saw a dream.
Someone else gave us life.
But you taught me to live with love.

If you love someone in life.
Don’t lose it because if true love.
Once lost it can never be found again.

We are bound like this by your love.
You are not together and we are not alone.

I didn’t love myself that much,
I have love for Facebook,
my life,

One you and the girl,
Love is enough for me,

Till yesterday you were a stranger,
See every heart today,
But you have the power,

I have a lot of love in my heart,
If your dreams are optional for you,
And when I wake up I think about it,

You must be worried, right?
the only love,
you are,

romantic yaad shayari in english

show your hand on my heart,
And friend, the heart is in my name,
do this,

early in the morning,
It’s good to have memories,
It seems like,

Not much of a suggestion, but what did you give me?
Love for me is limitless, I have the right to it,
Do you say to me,

There are many people in the world who love funerals,
But for me you are the only one,
is my world,

I don’t know how many dreams I have cherished with your face,
You are punishing your life,
I have made my world a weapon,

pink you are like a rose,
You are like the flow of life,
Everyone is eager to read,
You are like a book worth reading,


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