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433+ Best Mahadev Shayari in English | Caption for Shiv Ji

Mahadev Shayari in English : Hello friends, today on this page we are talking about Mahadev Shayari in English. Mahadev Shayari is the best way to express your inner feelings. So those are the people who have found the best Mahadev Shayari, all the people keep touching our article. It is written in the scriptures that Parvati Mata was married to Shivji, Parvati ji also did penance to get Shivji. Seeing the eternal love of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva was pleased and arranged to marry Parvati. So in this post, we have brought for you some status and poetry related to the love of Shiva and Parvati,

Caption for Mahadev

When there is no peace in the world of appearances.
Then get lost in the joy of my Lord Shiva.

Why do I care about long queues of relationships.
someone from my heart.
So one Lord Shiva is enough.

Oh Lord. satsang is the only excuse to meet you.
What does the world know. this relationship is old.

I can be a resident of any city.
May I become a devotee of Lord Shiva in every birth.

Those who chant the name of Lord Shiva.
Here he laughs every moment.
My Shiva is present in every particle of this earth.

Who has Lord Shiva.
He has everything despite having nothing.

Sometimes I miss you in the morning and sometimes in the evening.
The name of Lord Shiva comes to mind.

Sorrows and sufferings are destroyed.
In whose heart Lord Shiva resides.

If you want to do this.
Therefore worship Lord Shiva
Nothing is gained by doing evil.

Take the name of Lord Shankar early in the morning.
Will complete all your work.

Best Attitude Shayari in English

Mahadev Shayari in English

If you are sad then do one thing.
Take the name of Lord Shiva.

A devotee of Lord Shiva does not bow before anyone.
What will that time do in front of Lord Shiva.

What effect should death have on him.
The person on whom Lord Shiva has his hand.

I don’t know who I am and where I’m going.
Lord Shiva is my destination and Shiva’s door is my abode.

Teach tune even to a recluse.
True devotion to Lord Shiva makes a person successful in life.

The one wearing Tilak is heaviest.
This is our identity as devotees of Lord Shiva.

whose feelings are true.
By the grace of Lord Shiva. all his work is done well.

Do not want.
Someone’s company in this mean world.
Because I have now become a devotee of Bholenath.

Knowing the body. knowing the mind.
Don’t know the theft of mind. what should I hide from that Shiva.
Who has everything in his hands.

Life continues till death.
And also the death of my Lord Shiva.
She comes and bows at his feet.

Mahadev English Status

I am walking in the sun. Lord Shiva is your shadow.
He is your true refuge. everything else is illusion.

In this selfish world.
Peace is found in devotion to Lord Shiva

We are not worried about anything because.
We worship Lord Shiva.

Some people may be in love.
We worship Lord Shiva.
Those people will die of love.
We die for the devotion of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is always with me. then what is missing.
The moisture in the eyes is not of separation. but of love.

I don’t need to be painted in the colors of the market.
This face turns pink as soon as I remember Shiva.

He is in every particle of the world.
He is present in every moment of life.
I am a devotee of Lord Shiva.
He is in every pore of my body.

One name is beautiful in the world.
Lord Shiva.
This is possible only with their cooperation
Bad deeds of devotees.

We don’t talk about worldly things.
Devotee of Lord Shiva.
Chanting Jai Shri Lord Shiva.

When you are support then no one else is needed.
What should I do with the world. O Shiva. when you are ours.

Mahakal Quotes in English

shiv ji royal status.
status of shiv ji.
Let that youth burn.
There should be no madness called Mahakal.

From whose hair flows the stream of Ganga.
Who has a garland of snakes around his neck.
He is no one else.
This is our Damru wala Bhole Baba.

Those whose deeds are bad are afraid of death.
We are crazy about Mahakaal. there is fire in our blood.

Shivshambhu dancing on the beat of Damru.
Trident wielder Gangadhar Baba Mahakal Sarveshu.

You are the word Bholenath. you are the pen.
May I find a place at your feet in every birth.

Sitting on Mount Kailash.
Our protector is Kaalbhairav Mahakaal.

Don’t be so proud of yourself.
I don’t know. time is just like you.
How many were created and destroyed.

There is a lot of trouble.
There is a storehouse of confusion.
In this hour of confusion. Bholenath.
It’s just your belief.

The subject may or may not be able to do it.
Whatever Shiva does. happens.
Three people in each section.
No one is bigger than Mahakal.

who believes in him.
He listens to the mantra.

best Saraswati Puja Quotes in English

Shiva Images with quotes

The one who is in bondage is a living being.
The one who is free from bondage is Shiva.

I have seen many colors changing in life
But always see Mahadev with you.

My dear. this has happened to us.
The disease of love. morning and evening.
You need.

Only Seth people wear diamonds. pearls and jewellery.
We are devotees of Bhole. that is why we wear Rudraksh beads only.

sky whole.
Leave the sea as your friend.
Where everything is shaken.
When the slogan of Mahakaal echoes.

Your wonderful innocent love.
I took care of my grandfather.
Your shadow in Neelkanth.
You are the one in my heart.

Abodh Saheb in the gathering of Mahakaal.
The character of Badshah will come automatically.

Where there is love there are devotees.
Where there is Shiva. where there are Shaktis.

They crush the ashes on their forehead.
Moon around the neck.
works as signs.
We are devotees of those who develop Tandav.

My journey is ending just like this.
That you are there on the other side.

Bholenath Images With Quotes

The same zero is the legal unit.
Shivaay resides in it.

Someone said you are not beautiful.
I said that only ferocious devotees of Mahakaal look good.

The heart swells with joy.
When Mahadev’s Monday comes.

My friend is younger.
But my mind is my Shiva temple.
I do my work.
Because my Damruwala is with me.

Utsav 3rd Shiv Shambhu Trikaal is open defect.
Only he who will be a devotee of Mahakaal will survive in this Kalyug.

The biggest court is the court.
You are the protector of all.
May Mahadev punish or forgive.
You are our government.
Everywhere Shiva.

A Shiva devotee does not hesitate in front of anyone.
What is that time next to Lord Mahakaal.

The danger is over.
If anyone asks. tell me.
The devotee of Mahadev has returned.
Everywhere Shiva.

When there is intoxication of Mahakal in nature.
So there must be a Guru in status.

Mahakaal is that personality.
Whom the world yearns to meet.
And we are in the same gathering.
Where is the gathering of Mahakaal and punishment.

Jaan Shayari in Hindi | जान शायरी हिंदी

Bholenath Quotes in English

We are devotees of that innocent person.
Which is played in the crematorium.
We create those who play us.

Amazing things about the times. we devotees of Shiva.
Don’t go your way.
We believe only in Mahadev.
We don’t change God again and again.

He is a monk from the storm.
In whose heart life resides.
They laugh even after seeing death.
In whose mind Mahakaal resides.

How can I say that mine.
Every prayer has been answered.
Whenever I cried.
My innocent brother got the news.

The whole universe bows in submission.
I salute you at the feet of that Mahakaal.

Girls’ fans are all beautiful.
But we are crazy about those girls.
The girl who is crazy about Bholenath.
Everywhere Shiva.

When did I say. Mahadev. don’t make me cry.
Just don’t let me have to bow down anywhere else but you.

Same happy. same unique. same lucky.
Whose protector is Mahadev. the God of Gods.

Neither am I a poet.
Nor does it have anything to do with my poetry.
Mahadev. it became just a hobby.
To narrate your memories.

Ram is also their Ravana.
Life is his and death is also his.
There is Tandav and meditation too.
That is also the knowledge of the ignorant.

Mahadev Images With Quotes

The one who has the name of Bhole in his mind.
Every work he does is good.

We are named Mahakal.
There are small moths to the flame.
No matter what the onlookers say.
We are crazy about Mahakaal.

Your devotees are stories.
Mahakaal. after great efforts.
I will definitely get it.
After burning in the crematorium.

We are the leopards of Mahakaal.
Hey. we are the leopards of Mahakaal.
This is a carefree victory.

Ganga Basti in Ganja. Char Dham in Chilam.
Shankar Basti in Kankar. and Mahakaal in the world.

There is no deceit in me.
There is no tomorrow for you.
In the womb of death itself.
I am close to life.
I am the shape of darkness.
I am a type of light.

I am also a dead body without Shiva. Shiva resides in the dead body.
Shiva is my worshipper. I am Shiva’s slave.

The desire to rule is not politics.
This is the teaching of my Guru Baba Mahakal.

Think before committing sin.
Notification of every action.
Dedicated to my Mahadev.

The month of Saavan is Saavan.
Whoever worships. gets a pleasing groom.

Shiv Bhagwan Images with Quotes

There is a wonderful intoxication in the devotion of the innocent.
I will dance the whole night in innocent fun.

Where everything is sheltered.
I bow at the feet of Lord Shiva.
It became the drum of Lord Shiva’s feet.
Let us come together and offer flowers of devotion.

Don’t worry about time.
May the blessings of my Mahakaal remain.
Everywhere Shiva.

No hope of addiction.
Someone crazy about fame.
My heart is like that.
I am just a lover of Mahakaal.
Everywhere Shiva

When the people of the world reject me.
Then my Mahadev accepts me.

The person who stands firm on the truth.
Mahadev is always standing with them.

Om Namah Shivay.
The whole world is contained in words.
fulfill every wish.
Bhole baba he is called.

He follows the creation.
He is everything to every life.
He defeats everyone’s sorrow.
Innocent Baba Earth.

Every particle of the world is like Shiva.
The incarnation of Shakti awakens everywhere.
Then from the earth. sea and sky.
Shout out to Bholenath.

Take Bhole’s name every day. this will do your work.
Say Om Namah Shivay. Om Namah Shivay.

Best I Love You Shayari | आई लव यू स्टेटस

Motivational Lord Shiva Quotes for WhatsApp

Look into my eyes. there is so much desire in my eyes.
Just give so much love to reside inside me.
Give me just enough knowledge to have feelings in my mind.
Jai Mahakaal Jai Mahakaal.

Don’t find it in palaces. don’t find it in palaces.
If there is architecture then find it in the breath of every living being.

Shiva is the truth. this is the end.
Shiva is eternal. this is Bhagwat.
Shiva is Brahma. this is Omkar.
Shiva is devotion. Shiva is power.
Everyone should bow to Shiva together.
May his blessings always be upon us.
Happy Shivratri .

Shiva is in every hair.
There is Shiva all over the world.
Shiva is there today as well as tomorrow.
This is Mahakaal Shiva.
Om Namah Shivay.

You are also Kaal. you are also Mahakaal.
You are the world. you are also the world.
you are also the world.
You are the truth and you are the truth.

Ram is his. Ravana is also his.
They are alive and they are dead.
Even the Tandava dance. he is the most knowledgeable one.
That is also the knowledge of the ignorant.

What effect should time have on him.
The person on whom #MahaKaal has his hand.

sky whole.
Leave the sea as your friend.
Where everything shakes.
When the slogan of Mahakal echoes.

It is pure from the storm. where life resides in the mind.
They laugh even after seeing death. where Mahakal resides in their mind.

Where Shiva is present in every pore. he also drinks poison.
Why would the world burn them.
makeup made with embers
Jai Bhole Nath. Hreem Hreem Mahadev Shivah

Trust Lord Shiva Quotes

My heart is for my younger brother Shiva.
I will continue to do my work. because I have my Damruwala with me.

The Doctor of Death believes that this is where there is the taint of karma.
We are devotees of Mahakaal. there is fire in our blood.

Troubled by the devotees of Mahakal. and
otherwise do not riot in a crowded meeting
He stripped naked with a revolver and immersed his ashes in the Ganges.

I am walking in the sun. Mahakaal is your shadow.
My refuge is your truth. everything else is illusion.

classification of fire.
We have developed this hobby.
If anyone asks. tell me.
This madman is crazy about Mahakaal.
Jai Mahakaal.

When people gave me something. I liked it a lot.
O Mahadev. there is only one place like you. where no taunt has ever been found.

People call all the gods as God.
My Gurudev is called Mahadev.

We are crazy about Mahadev. we live to our heart’s content.
This is the forest of Mahadev. where the lion creates havoc.

Meeting at the feet of my Guru Mahakal.
All the pilgrimages and pilgrimages there are.
Karni’s happiness is in your hands.
The result is in the hands of my Mahakaal.

When the shadow of innocence falls upon you.
Which can change your body in a moment.
All that can happen at any time in a possible life.
Nobody got it.
Jai Shiv Jai Mahadev.

Lord Shiva Quotes for Whatsapp

Your wonderful innocent love.
Studied in college in Umanath.
Your shadow in Neelkanth.
You are the only one in my heart.

May every particle of the world be filled with Shiva.
Now the incarnation of every power will rise.
Then from water. land and amber.
Bam Bam Bhole’s cheer.

Where everything is sheltered.
I bow at the feet of Lord Shiva.
It became the drum of Lord Shiva’s feet.
Let us come together and offer flowers of devotion.

On whomever Baba’s shadow fell.
His luck changed.
I got all that without me.
Which no one has found till date.

Don’t ask my identity.
I am wearing ashes.
Makeup is done with ashes.
I am the priest of that great time.

May or may not be an artist.
Whatever Shiva does. happens.
Three worlds in no section.
There is no one greater than Shiva.

When the shadow of innocence falls upon you.
Which can change your body in a moment.
All that in one possible life.
Which no one has found till date.

He is the one who created the world.
Where it is contained in every particle.
Even sorrow will seem like happiness.
When the shadow of Lord Shiva is on the head.

May Lord Shiva’s blessings be upon you.
who changes your luck.
In this light of yours you get all that.
Which no one has achieved till date.

I am nothing without my Mahakaal.
If you are with me Mahakal then I am infinite.
Jai Shri Trikalnath Mahakal.

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Lord Shiva Quotes for Whatsapp in English

Hope is great. the boat is broken.
Baba. help me sail across.

People who smoke bhang and ganja and commit rape.
Not devotion to Shiva. thousands of years of birth.

My innocent steward. ride Nandi.
As long as there is faith in Bhole. victory will continue.

If Mahakal is the punishment of love.
So I think about such punishment all the time.
Jai Bhole Nath.

Cool jobs in this season.
There are stains on workplaces.
We are devotees of Mahakaal.
Brother. we also have fire in our mouth.

What you took in the morning and evening.
This heart beats in the name of Mahadev.
Everywhere Shiva.

It is not easy to live life.
No one is great without deeds.
Until the hammer strikes.
Even a stone is not God.
Jai Bhole Nath.

Not on the patterns of my hands.
Rather. they believe in Mahadev. the creator of hand rituals.
Everywhere Shiva.

All the gods of Sagar Math were greedy for nectar.
You drank Abhyankar poison and were called Neelkanth.
Jai Bhole Nath.

My world of gems is wonderful.
It started with my Mahadev and the seller has ended with my Mahadev only.
Jai Shiv Shankar.

Shiv Shambhu Quotes

This is just my story.
We are his children. our world is crazy.

People were desperate to meet the priest of the temple.
Have we brought blessings from the beggars sitting outside.

Shankarshiv Bhole Umapati Mahadev.
Savior Lord Vishwaroop Mahadev.

This is the decoration of the bus.
My first and last love.
You are God for everyone.
But it means the world to me.

The flame of your name.
Took away all my sorrow.
Namo Namo Ji Shankara.

Can’t be explained clearly with words.
You have such love Mahadev.

Who gives heart to Mahakaal.
Mahakaal gives him wholeheartedly.
Jai Shree Mahakal.

Please also welcome teen on me.
“Mahakal” is the name of the one who taught us to live with dignity.

When did my game end.
If Mahadev is not with me.
Jai Mahakaal.

Your strength is my journey now.
Mahadev. I may not go astray.
Now it is your responsibility.
Jai Shivshambhu Bholenath.

You may or may not be able to do this. but if Shiva does this then it will happen.
In three worlds and nine sections. there is no one greater than Mahadev.

I am living the life of a beggar.
make me rich too.
I am not born with wealth.
Just bathed in your ghost.
Everywhere Shiva.

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