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201+ Best Hindi Sad Shayari in English

Sad Shayari in English: Read very sad Shayari in English related to love, love, love and life here and feel the special pain that we feel when we love someone, or many types of problems in life. feel because of. I hope you liked this article. You can also share it on WhatsApp Twitter.

Life Shayari in English

If I get even a little time.
So I must improve my time.

Like a leaf falling from a tree.
In fact. we have fallen in our own eyes.

I have been sad for a long time.
Now I am left alone.

He is living his life without me.
May he have a happy life.

Don’t be troubled by loneliness.
This is a sign of walking on the right path.

I was always a stranger to them.
They called me their own and considered me a stranger.

There is no use in trying to convince them now.
Now he started pretending to be angry with me.

They are the only ones who have intelligence.
Otherwise the world moves with the crowd.

How strange is the loneliness inside me.
I have thousands of my own people. but I only remember you.

I am alone. let me be alone.
Why bother those who are happy without me.

 Love Shayari in English

Husband Wife Sad Shayari

Hindi Sad Shayari in English

I have chosen loneliness.
Because I’ve heard of a lot of bad people.

Everyone has made me so lonely.
That loneliness now feels like mine.

Keep your loved ones happy sir.
we are sad.

Those who were buried were hobbies.
What is alive now is disease.

I slept a lot today. I cried a lot today.
I have found nothing. I have lost a lot.

Fulfilling desires is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Because you just have to go with your thinking.

This time often.
runs after lonely people.

those who sympathize.
That hurts the most.

Because of some loved ones we often
being angry with oneself.

who is alone.
He becomes the best artist.

Heart Touching sad Shayari in English

Who are you with?
Only they are capable of changing themselves.

There is so much noise. how many people are there in this city.
There is no one like him here.

This punishment is also very cruel.
She doesn’t melt even after seeing me alone.

Everyone tested me from time to time.
But I wish someone could understand.

Whom should I tell how lonely I am?
There is no one to listen to this.

Everyone says I’m here. right?
When it came time to try. everyone became a stranger.

Everyone has a story.
We too have an incomplete story.

that we once knew.
Today we are unaware of them.

Don’t make me cry oh life.
There is no one to silence me.

The loneliness I feel today.
So I couldn’t control my tears.

Breakup Shayari in English

When did I tell you to understand my value.
If we had to sell. we would not be so alone.

My own people alone have done this much.
That loneliness now feels like mine.

I wish I had someone who would say don’t cry.
Your crying hurts me too.

Neither am I with you. nor am I with you.
I have been sad like this for a long time.

It was rainy season and the evening was also pleasant.
I was alone and Fiza was sad.

Everyone left with encouragement.
There was a sorrow of mine which never leaves me.

I talk to myself.
To keep myself happy.

I am alone.
I am healing the wounds inflicted by my own people.

by changing myself.
Loneliness is better than being with someone else.

A greater companion than myself in this world.
There is no one and no one will be found.

Hindi sad Shayari in English

Life is full of difficulties.
And those difficulties have to be faced alone.

After all. why are the streets of relationships so narrow?
The discussion has been stopped just wondering who should start?

Everyone talks about support.
But no one gives.

Neither am I with you. nor am I with you.
I have been sad like this for a long time.

Hiccups. night pain. loneliness.
Come and console me.

How did the fog of your infidelity clear up?
I started seeing everything clearly.

There will always be lack of those things in life.
The things I just wanted to do with you.

I don’t know how many nights I spent crying.
I wish someone would come to wipe my tears.

If you look carefully you will find everyone alone.
Just running after each other. tied in the bond of needs.

I am a fair surrounded by sorrow and pain.
With whose heart everyone has played.

2 Line Sad Shayari in English

Sometimes it’s good to be alone.
There is no fear of losing anyone.

Then I too had such a test.
Cut off the wings and flew them into the sky.

More than artificial relationships.
Loneliness gives comfort.

No matter how much you consider someone yours.
One day people will prove you bad.

It is said that stone hearts do not cry.
Then why do springs flow from mountains only?

People who don’t care about you.
It is better to be alone than to be with those people.

Despite my own people.
Sometimes we feel alone.

It’s good to be alone.
If someone is not happy with us.

Sometimes it is very difficult to be alone.
And sometimes it’s good to be alone.

In happiness you can laugh with your loved ones.
But in sorrow one has to cry alone.

Sad Shayari in English for life

It is not so easy to live alone in the world.
Some people suffer a lot.
When you start living alone.

getting out of loneliness.
it’s not that easy.
Unless someone helps.

There are some special people in life.
With whom is it good to live.
But when he is not there.
Then I feel alone.

I never thought.
That man will leave me alone.
In whom I had more confidence than myself.

Whatever pain. sorrow or fear there is. it is within you only.
Come out of the cage you have made and see.
You are also an Alexander.

I heard you have read a lot.
Sometimes read what we cannot say.

lonely man.
Whether you win someone’s heart or not.
Can never hurt anyone’s heart.

What if you are alone?
This life too will pass.
To end our loneliness.
Don’t play with someone else’s heart.

There is no punishment greater than life.
And I don’t know what the crime is.
I have been divided into so many parts.
There is nothing left in my share.

Loneliness pricks with thorns.
Loneliness burns like embers.
Someone should come and make us both laugh a little.
When I cry. loneliness starts crying.

Love Shayari English Hindi

It is better to tell a story and be a joke.
That you smile a little and shut up.

There are very few people who are dear to my heart.
And there are even fewer who can understand me.

You don’t remember.
We can’t forget you.
How beautiful is your relationship with us.
You can’t think. we can’t tell.

A lot of time has passed. what should we talk about now?
If we have to part. then why should we meet again?
You have given me less life and more wounds.
O life. now you tell me what to do with my feelings in this.

If you want to love someone.
Do it within limits otherwise.
You will love someone unconditionally.
Then you will break down.

They leave people alone.
Those whom we consider most important in life.

There are many people in this world who make you cry.
There is no one to see anyone happy.

We were already alone.
You left and told us.
He does not stay with anyone throughout his life.

Don’t make loneliness your weakness.
Make loneliness your strength.
Remove that bad thing from your mind.
who hurts you.

It doesn’t mean standing alone.
It means I’m alone.
That I am enough to handle myself in bad times.

Mohabbat Shayari in English

I don’t know why people think like this.
He is happy with me.
Why don’t you see the loneliness behind my face.

on difficult paths.
I have to walk alone.
Otherwise on simple paths.
So the sheepishness continues.

Don’t make loneliness your weakness.
Make loneliness your strength.
Remove that bad thing from your mind.
who hurts you.

Man learns to live alone.
When he came to know this.
Now there is no one to support me.

Nowadays some have become so lonely.
Even thinking about missing someone.
Now she won’t be able to remind us of ourselves.

Alone is not the one who looks alone.
Alone is he who. by staying with someone.
feeling alone.

Do strange things to overcome loneliness.
A person tries to win someone else’s heart.
While he must begin with his heart.

This is not called loneliness.
When a person separates himself from the world.
Loneliness is a state when a person feels complete.

need to be alone.
You are bound to fall sick. but get used to it.
All unwanted diseases have to be cured.

There are only two situations of loneliness.
A man is fed up with the world!!
Either the person becomes complete in himself II

Sad Shayari English in Hindi

I am a fair surrounded by sorrow and pain.
With whose heart everyone has played.

I will go somewhere far away.
You won’t even listen to our voice.
Worrying about you every moment.
Death will also come to us.

Will lie down wrapped in a shroud at the funeral.
And you will sleep peacefully.
Those who are troubled by my presence today.
Tomorrow he will also cry for me.

Makes me cry every time.
Oh life. maybe you don’t know.
There is no one to calm me.

I will go somewhere far away.
You won’t even listen to our voice.
Worrying about you every moment.
Death will also come to us.

I walk alone.
I am not one to stop.
I am one of those who came forward.

Every story has a good beginning!!
But the end is better.
was with you.

Someday after thinking about it.
we will die.
I have gone away from your life.
Then where will he find peace?

I have become so used to loneliness.
Now even in the gathering.
feel lonely.

Everyone laughs together in happiness.
No one cries with us in sorrow.
When someone is in need.
At that time you had no one.

Sad Love Shayari in English

By selling your peace.
I have earned my heartache.
In making evil our own.
I have lost my own people.

There is a feeling of loneliness.
All my loved ones are gone.
Now there is no one here.

Your infidelity will be an example of love.
Whenever I fall in love with you again.
So that would be amazing too.

No one remains silent without a reason.
Who has suffered.
Only he understands the meaning of silence.

First with me in the mirror.
You also appeared.
Now when I look at it.
Only loneliness is visible.

Someday after thinking about it.
we will die.
I have gone away from your life.
Then where will he find peace?

My loneliness is strange.
Now I don’t feel happy when anyone comes.
And no fear of leaving anyone.

No one is alone in life.
who has no one.
his god is

never tried anyone.
I have never received as much love as I have given.
If anyone ever misses me.
Maybe God didn’t make me like this.

When people are in need. without any relationship.
Relationships are formed and when the need ends.
We also turn away from the relationships formed after that

2 Line Shayari in English

We were not bad.
But you said bad things.
But now we have become bad.
So that no one calls you a liar.

Learn to be happy alone.
Who knows the happiness that is with you today.
There may be no one tomorrow.

The pain is very deep.
Now will you also come?
There will still be pain.

I am walking with the intention of doing something.
Now I won’t stop myself.
I am walking with the intention of change.

I may never come back.
Now in the market of happiness.
The speech of sorrow is high.
You bought me at the auction.

Even a tear fell.
So people ask thousands of questions.
O childhood. come back. I want to cry openly.

Then I realized the distance.
When I said I was fine.
And he agreed.

Don’t remember those who live in your eyes.
Don’t talk about those who live in your heart.
You have settled in our soul.
That’s why I don’t request to meet you.

What is said with words.
This restlessness of love.
Every time I have called you from the depth of my heart.

Everyone is determined to achieve.
Maybe someone has decided to test me.
whom I love very much.
He has decided to forget me.

Hindi Sad Shayari in English

Had left the house alone. everyone says.
Now you have moved on.
Whom should I tell how lonely I have become.



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