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167 + Best Hamesha Khush Raho in English | आप हमेशा खुश रहो

Hamesha Khush Raho in English : Always be happy in English | May you always be happy: No matter how difficult things may be, a person should always be happy. Because if any problem could be solved by worrying, everyone would worry. Can never be happy When life has to be lived then why not live it with a smile. Keeping this in mind, we have brought for you a very wonderful Hmesha Khush Raho Shayari Quotes, Status, | Which you can share with your friends, relatives etc.

Hamesha Khush Raho in English

to get relief from some pain
We have to go through it.

Oh God. don’t make me such a stone hearted person.
These people get used to it and leave it.
And they don’t even feel pity.

If people would have liked us. we too would have come.
But our face is not good.
And no one has seen the heart.

please tell me something about your life
We are just walking on an unknown path.

The pain settled in the heart.
And distanced myself from myself.

I want you more than my dreams.
You look more beautiful than a smile.
Is every heartbeat and every breath of mine for you.
You will ask for my life more than my life.

Man cries only for that.
To whom he gives the most special place in his life.

Listen. one day this will also come.
When I am not there my love will be remembered.

These days he doesn’t miss me.
Looks like someone else has completed it.

To be honest. it seems like a dream to them.
If you complain. they think it’s a joke.
How fondly we remember him.
We and there is one to whom all this seems to be a coincidence.

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Aap Dono Hamesha Khush Raho in English

Where does he have time.
Those who take time are like this.
Nowadays fans.

Why did you promise to break my heart.
I walk on the path of happiness.
When pain made me its home.
Today I myself burn alone in the same pain.

I love to make you cry.
I can’t sleep every night without you.
There was only one thing in this changing life.
I hold your hand in every trouble.

People leave after making their own.
establish relationships with strangers.
We couldn’t even pluck a single flower.
People even break hearts.

Now don’t ask us how we are.
We will never be able to tell that story again.
Someone has done this cruelly.
We will not be able to tell the name of the murderer who murdered us.

Who has seen the pain of my heart.
Only God has seen me suffering.
We sit in loneliness and cry.
People have seen us laughing in gatherings.

Make your relationships like that lock.
One who accepts the blow of a hammer.
But opening with any other key is not acceptable.

There is only this much difference between your love and your memories.

How much more should we cry for him.
What is left for me to lose now.

Smile has no value.
Some relationships have no weight.
Such people are found.
But not everyone is as precious as you at every turn.

It’s impossible to find someone like you
But it is not that easy.
You find someone like me.

Bewafa Shayari In Hindi For Love 

Hamesha Khush Raho Meaning in English

This phase too will pass
have a little patience
When happiness never stops
So what is the point of sorrow.

Have some mercy. life.
let it go a little
Third previous wound also parted
Let the first one be filled.

The pain was just a dream.
Which reality itself broke.

We kept getting lost in the loneliness of the soul.
And lost in an ocean.

Know loneliness and democracy.
Who resides in the river of the heart.

The journey of life has become very difficult.
As if Anarkali has become a festive outfit.

Murderers found in the path of Muslim love.
And then the heart itself became God.

I am lost in your memories.
Now I don’t feel like living without you.

I kept forgetting my mistake all my life.
Oregon stayed clean on the trash.

Am I a sadist or a sadist.
I am also a voice.
I’m just sad without you.

New Time Pass Quotes In Hindi 

Tum Hamesha Khush Raho in English Translation

It’s good to fall. you get to know your status.
I found out where those who held the hands were.

Today I asked a question from the shadow.
Why did you meet with me.
He also laughed and said. who else is with you.

I didn’t even think about it in the light.
Even Huron will ask for such a trap.
The eyes will also be hidden.

I cried pretending to cry.
Let your memories be my support friend.
Life has taught me a very deep lesson.
Pain teaches me how to live while it burns.

The waves of pain are lost.
I am walking on unique paths.
My hidden inner dreams.
I am shedding every drop of pain.

Unfulfilled desires remain in the heart.
The depth of the relationship has been taken away by Fife’s departure.
Now this is all that is left in loneliness.
That I find myself in the eyes of the articles.

The sea babe can’t tell anyone about herself.
Spread over thousands of miles. still not

The very name of thorns is infamous.
The difficulty is also mutual.
And Kati is also a tough guy.

Life is short. desires are many.
Our pain is not human.
To whom should I share my heart’s pain.
The special one is close to the heart. the unknown one is very special.

This life is a strange coincidence.
In the race to the forefront.
We lost today for tomorrow.
And to get today we lost yesterday.

Aap Hamesha Khush Raho Meaning in English

Gaining something and losing something is the custom of life.
This is the famous story of the creature.
The moments seen have not come back.
This is the biggest fault of this animal.

Painful things hidden in the heart.
The desire for tears settled in the eyes.
I am alone on the path of life.
I’m losing myself by losing myself.

Yearning is a friend in the depths of the soul.
The foundation of words is written on every poem.
When dreams were seen from the world of dreams.
Because of genes I have become you today.

My heart loves your memories.
It is difficult to live without.
Lost happiness reminds me of marriage.
Whenever I think of you. it flows like pain.

I am lost in the depths of pain.
I got happiness from film movies.
You held my hand in the journey of life.
Now I am searching for myself in your memories.

The breaking of the soul’s strings are given below.
The conversation remained incomplete and the story ended.
As long as the heart remains. these breaths will continue to sink.
I just want you in my dream world.

The paths are also stubborn.
Even the elders are stubborn.
Let’s see what happens tomorrow.
My debts are also stubborn.

If not lost in the volcano.
So how will Manzil know if not.
How will you distinguish right from wrong.

Don’t look at us with bearded eyes.
It’s not the third news we want to know you about.

If you ever fall in love. don’t express it.
Don’t waste your sleep for that love.
We met again for a few days.
Don’t wait for me now.

Tum Hamesha Khush Raho Meaning in English

I am gone.
go into your own process.
How did I get trapped in the web of your teeth.

I want to tell my story.
I want to reveal every story of mine. Hughton.
From the dull customs of the world.
I want to roll the stripes on these walls.

When you gave it.
I was angry with life.
Thought of removing it from my heart.
But you also had a greater heart.

Alone and incurable understanding.
What happens to someone.

Don’t forget your words.
Just engineer for someone.
Who is the last glance.

He always remembers me.
I can’t forget this thing.

to make sad.
Every evening I feel.
You are slowly forgetting me.

How to make your brother comfortable.
If they are implemented then disaster will occur.

Love is not an advertisement to be shown.
Love is like gold.
Have to keep it hidden from everyone.

We will remain faithful in love until our last breath.
Look at yourself. how far can you go.

Aap Hamesha Khush Raho in English

I am not used to loving anyone.
I never thought about separation.

My wishes and desires both seem old.
We are also crazy about you.

Loneliness has become a habit for those who suffer from it.
Now this doesn’t happen to anyone.
To love.

flow structure should be arranged.
Forget about our love.
no friendship.

Their relationship room broke.
My relationship is with the soul. how can I break it.

Wait until you finish decorating the house.
What has God created.
Now let them also meet you.

Now you are not a part of any of my desires.
You are the only object of my hatred.

Why should a lonely lover cry. He should cry too.
What is love. in love.
We have to find out what the pain is

I wish such a day also comes.
Let time pass every moment.
Only you remain in front of me and the age passes.

I want to get lost in the depths of wounds.
I want the enemy to sleep through the whole record.

Tum Hamesha Khush Raho in English

Love has given us a name.
Made us unaware of every happiness.
We never wanted to be loved.
But one look from you auctioned us off.

People say that you are angry now.
Your eyes have something else to do with me.

We were made to last.
Leaving three. they left again.

Love yourself very much. love yourself very much.
No one can separate.

I don’t die on everyone.
For me you are the best and you are thousands.
Not me. my life should be one in millions.

It was wrong but now I remember the song.
Whenever we fall in love. we will do it after marriage.

Oh God. don’t make me such a stone-hearted person.
These people habitually accept defeat.
And look. it doesn’t even come to Tarz.

What did anyone know about this speaker’s lecture.
Who gave the best explanation of this.

To get rid of any pain.
Contact us online.

It’s a matter of time.
who used to abuse earlier.
Today we are forced to clap.

Tum Dono Hamesha Khush Raho in English

I will see you roaming around like this. awakening love.
Just don’t hold my hand.
The rest I will die.

I am ready to fight the whole world for you.
Yuki in this world of infidelity.
You are my true love.

A thing about everything.
He will play with all his heart.
who comes along from time to time.

Sometimes luck comes from the first one.
second best.

One day you too look at me carefully.
There is only this butterfly in my heart.

I don’t know the series without seeing the page.
My heart remains stable until I see the ocean.

It’s true that no one is that busy.
Couldn’t answer.
Only one thing is important here.

People like us too.
But our face is not good and.
No one has seen the heart.

You are my medicine and my prayer.
If I am living it is because of you.

Tell me something about your life.
We are walking on a unique path.

Hamesha Khush Raho Translate in English

Sleep makes the day steady.
It also eats the heart.

We will neither leave nor go anywhere.
Neither will we make kites ourselves nor will we go to impress anyone.

Today it’s fun to keep them apart.
So he understood.
Learn by searching.

My wish was to meet God with someone close to me.
When I met you. this dream came true.

What beautiful killer eyes do you have.
I feel like looking at you.
Drown and become intoxicated.

After all. why do we want the same person.
Those who sacrifice their world for someone else.

Don’t bring anything in the darkness of emotions.
We need more in life.
Even after life you know this.

Let’s admit that we are your culprits.
But a little to your liking.
Now you have a lot of love.

We had gone far away from your life.
But even today I am wandering.
In the gallery of your memories.

This is what I was looking for.
I also want to stay here.
I had a look at him.

Aap Hamesha khush Raho in English Translation

You have to die one day anyway.
If you meet me then just live it.

Some lost moments we cannot bring back.
This doll-turned-flower cannot be played back.
Sometimes it seems that you have forgotten us.
But our heart says.
that you can’t download us.

There is never less sorrow in your life.
Ever since I met you. all those sorrows are gone.

Ask about your well-being sometimes.
We look good because of laziness.

You ignore me a lot. right.
One day everyone will pass. see
But not me then you would think there was someone.
Who used to do like crazy in my life.

Life is so strange. isn’t it.
Only one thing is found in millions of people.
One who has nothing in his destiny.

That was just a mistake in my life.
And in forgetting that mistake.
I have spent an age.

We had become so used to being alone.
That we had forgotten what a crowd is.

Life is just a glimpse.
In reality. the ones who make us cry are our own people.

I feel pain for both of them.
And for someone else.

Aap Hamesha Khush Raho Translate in English

To love is the easiest way.
ok never go.
Whatever happens in fate.
But only you will go in my heart.

Once the hand is taken.
So understand that you will stay together for the rest of your life.
I am not like other lovers.
Left the hand in the middle of the restaurant and went away.

Don’t postpone like this. you will die.
And on the beautiful wedding too.
will not come back.

O my unknown lover.
I want and want so much.
Tell me in words. I can’t.

Be diligent in health.
There is always a painful heart.

Don’t hate us. don’t feel bad about us.
Just tell me lovingly that you are not needed.

We are with you every step. every moment.
Well. I am far away from you but I have you.
In life we may or may not be you.
But we know every moment of your absence.

Made statements in front of the mirror.
I apologized to myself.
I have hurt my own heart the most.
I made others happy.

How useful is this friendship.
No matter what mood comes in life.
Still this friendship does not leave us.

By and large. this is my world in this city.
Don’t think anywhere else.

Aap Hamesha Aise hi Khush Raho Meaning in English

never betray me.
There is no one else but me.
I will die in your claws.
You have taught me to live.

The difficulty has become greater.
Being upset while living makes you happy.
Don’t think just because your heart is nearby.
Don’t talk about me going away.
Love looks like a show off.
The matter of distance from you.

How difficult it is to hide heartache.
It is very difficult to break up and make friends again.
Look at the salesman far away with someone.
How difficult it is to return alone.

You are my love. you have become the reason for living.
You became my destination and you became my path.

There was a demand for a speaker in every conversation.
The pain of the heart is refreshed with every memory.

By giving more time and importance than necessary.
People are pointing at you.

I wish to love you.
Then there is no danger.
You again plundered your business.
Life is like your paradise.

We also left.
Let’s see if you have patience.
Now when will we remember.

I am the revenge of your separation from my friends.
You are not in my destiny.
I give this encouragement to myself.
We still find those who move this heart.
But now I turn myself away from those paths of love.

After watching. get away from yourself.
I am gone. now there is no one.
I am lost in your eyes near my heart.

Aap Dono Hamesha Khush Raho Translate in English

Luck may not teach me anything but.
Why is this in life.
The one who was not destined came.

Life doesn’t happen because of such things.
Now happiness is with you on anything.
Sometimes we talked all night long.
Now I am thinking about that psychologist all night long.

If you ever love me. do it with us.
When he expressed his feelings he told us.
If you can’t say something then lower your eyes.
We will understand if you tell us something.

Read my life from wherever your mind is.
Open any page of paper. your name will be found on every page.

The journey of this boat of love.
It was classic for us if you are there.
And seeing our condition sinking.
Look at us. it was you who stole it.

This tradition. this destiny. this fate.
All are mirrors of deception. your hands are in my hands.
Being is the meaning of a complete life.

We spent every moment of our lives together.
Today we long for that one moment.

So thank you everyone for your yesterday.
There is no such thought today.
Whether he was sleeping or not. he gave pain.

Some way of dreaming.
We will leave the rest to see.

I appreciate you in my loneliness.
Right now you have a lot of people to talk to.

Hamesha Khush Raho in English Translation

We ended our love for just one special.
Now what is called love if not supernatural.

If you have your problems.
can’t face.
So you will not be able to do anything big in your life.

Someone who has the support of the majority of shareholders with his life.
Nothing but pain and tears.

You are the desire of my dreamer’s heart.
It is only through you that I am known to you.
If I am the earth then you are my sky.
Believe me. for me you are everything wherever you are.

We were innocent when we fell in love with painting.
We made mistakes because we were human.
Today in which there is comfort in making eye contact.
We were the life of the same professor.

In the end there were many.
Let’s sell this heart.
If you weren’t in this.

I feel scared thinking about those days.
When you were called me properly.
Now I will never let go of being a painter.
I love you so much. Barber.

The crocodile who cried from his heart smiled.
Just like that we played loyalty to someone.
He couldn’t give us a moment of love.
And we sacrificed our lives for them.

I can get all the happiness I can.
But your absence is complete.

What kind of identity have you created for yourself.
People remember me even when your name comes

Hamesha Khush Raho in English Meaning

Earlier it was difficult. now it is like a habit.
This pain was there earlier. now it is like a prayer.

How difficult it is to hide heartache.
It is very difficult to break up and make friends again.
Look at the salesman far away with someone.
How difficult it is to return alone.

I had a wish to meet.
But never tried.
I thought when I believed in God.
So we will worship without seeing.

Don’t dream that which will break.
Hold the hand that lets go.
Don’t let anyone come this close.
That due to his going away the person becomes angry with himself.

The darkness of the interviewer has happened like this.
That we have come to like living like a story.

Don’t populate the desolate world.
Don’t remember the moments you saw.
A prisoner bird said this to us.
I have forgotten how to fly. don’t free me.

Let everyone go away from you.
We were alone. we remain alone.
From whom is this heartache.
Those who become healers give wounds.

No one is away from anyone else.
No one is close to anyone else.
He comes on his own.
Whose destiny is.

The condition of my pain is very different from that of others.
There is no sign of wound.
And there is no end to the pain.

A dream is a dream. when will I see you again.
Now I want to see a glimpse of you too.

Hamesha Khush Raho Meaning in English Slogan

Among thousands. I only have one patriotism.
Who cannot hear my evil in my house.

Promise of loyalty and love for a friend.
If this is love then what is it called lust.

To be honest. it feels like a dream to me.
If you complain. it seems like a joke.
How fondly we remember them.
And there is one who thinks all this is a coincidence.

If it is true to the best of your ability. then it is correct.
Here’s what innocent love says.
Life goes through trials.
One wound is India and the other is preparation.

Someone becomes a smile.
Someone gets a glimpse of the heart.
How can I go without them even for a moment.
When someone becomes the reason for living.

I had a wish to meet.
But never tried.
I thought when I believed in God.
So we will worship without seeing.

I didn’t ask how far is my patience.
You torture me. how far is your desire.
Those who expect loyalty from them.
We have to see to what extent you are unfaithful.

I am good in someone’s eyes.
I am bad in someone’s eyes.
But the reality is that.
The way she is. she is memorable in his eyes.

My workmanship is like this.
Don’t you read it carefully.
If understood.
So you are also English.

There is something so deep in your heart.
That your eyes don’t even smile.

Aap Hamesha Khush Raho in English Meaning

Every day this evening makes me sad.
It feels like slowly forgetting.

It’s a very strange thing.
If you don’t look. we won’t be able to meet.
But the journey is memorable.
And my tears are always there.

Today I apologized to myself in front of the mirror.
Most of all. I have hurt my own heart in making others happy.

Life is very strange.
Sometimes there is defeat and sometimes there is victory.
When the eyes come to the smiling face.
Then it becomes clear that.
Every happiness gets a happiness.

How to say what is life.
There is this treacherous internet at every step.
Proto. there should be more value in the heart than life.
There is a place to stay away from them.

I search for centuries in rural moments.
This is my love. I search for rivers.
Here people ask about your qualities.
I look for flaws in myself.

Neither was our pain nor was there any pain.
Then our pain got mixed together. all the pain got mixed with that one.

What a coincidence of sight and fate. friends.
I just love looking at him.
which is not in destiny.

O God. what kind of love you have created.
Someone gets this.
And someone endures loneliness throughout his life.

There was love in this heart.
What will happen if they know.
We had asked them from God.
What will happen if they also ask for it.

Bhagwan Kare aap Hamesha Khush Raho in English

Where you don’t like your likes.
There one should isolate oneself in silence.

The reality is something else like this.
Not every silent person is mad.

Walk slowly Roshni. some debt remains to be repaid.
Some pain killers are left. some pharmaceutical characters are left.

He kept crying and saying. I hate showing off.
But one question is still troubling me.
If there was hatred then why did she cry so much.

We are left suffering here.
You sleep peacefully all night long.

This is a very strange custom. friends.
If pain comes out of the eyes then you are a coward.
And if it comes out of things then he is a poet.

I have kept every secret hidden in my heart.
There is a key ring on the lips.
This world is only with me.
That’s why we hide our tears.

Life teaches a lot.
It’s a small personality that makes one cry.
Don’t trust anyone more than yourself.
Because in darkness even the shadow leaves you.

Which gradually disappears from sight.
Only that which is real is close to the heart.
It is difficult to see even a glimpse.
That is the most special thing in life.

You also have a strange definition of being alive.
If you go to heaven then it’s heaven. otherwise it’s just a show.

Hamesha Khush Raho Meaning in English slogan

Everyone decorates the gathering of friends.
It’s exactly what fate brings.

If we have our own people then they fight with Delhi.
No one but one’s own. they yearn for school.

I am lost in this crowd.
I am forgetting myself.
Earlier we used to argue about everything.
Now I am going to learn.

Who wants something that can be easily obtained.
It is his stubbornness which is not written in his destiny.

Life does not stop anyone’s qualities.
Just that special place always remains empty.

The trust of the hand is even stranger.
It is not in hospitality.

In such simple words she said mine.
Only the heart is a work of art. Who took your life.

Love has a very amazing character.
It may be incomplete but it is not finished.

One day we found ourselves near ourselves.
First you created us as friends.
At last. at last. I am swayed by the promises of freedom.
Queen. we entertained the whole world.

Dua also has a strange desire. Mirza.
He can’t even believe it.
For fear of being separated from me.

Hamesha kush Raho pray in English

Your golden memory is shining like sunshine.
You are the only one who resides in the city of my heart.

May every word I write reach your heart.
My hand holds the pen just for this purpose.

Happy are those who love their friends.
To love with the soul.
Have seen people suffering again and again.

A person said to my eyes.
It is said in the story. once upon a time. I was fond of laughing.

Fingers are pointed towards me for every crime.
Is everyone in the city innocent except me.

Why do we trust strangers.
While we walk on our own travelers.

Thinking this. we are accepting everything he says as true.
How can those beautiful lips lie.

Believe me. this love is not that easy.
Thousands of hearts break while protecting one heart.

The house of hopes is built of black soil.
It is remembered again and again in the memory of Hazrat Ramzan.

What do distances do.
Some have become memories. some have become dreams.

Jaan Shayari in Hindi | जान शायरी हिंदी

Best Hamesha Khush Raho in English

I’m so tired of proving myself.
My ways may be wrong but my love is not.

Love saw love from a distance.
Love only brought love closer.
And love also merged into love but alas.
Love itself could not understand love.

Childhood desires. wet eyelids and this loneliness.
How can I say that there is nothing in love and union.



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