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जिगरी दोस्त शायरी: दुनिया में कुछ रिश्ते ऐसे भी होते हैं जो भगवान हमें नहीं देते बल्कि हम खुद ही उन्हें अपनी जिंदगी के लिए चुनते हैं। उन्हीं रिश्तों में से एक है दोस्ती, हम अपने दोस्त खुद चुनते हैं। ये दोस्त हमारी ख़ुशी में हमारे साथ नाचते हैं और हमारे दुःख में हाथ थामते हैं। कवियों ने भी इन दोस्तों के नाम पर कई कविताएं लिखीं, लेकिन दोस्ती के नाम पर धोखा देने वालों से सरल स्वभाव वाले कवियों को भी ठेस पहुंची। इन भावनाओं को उन्होंने अपनी कलम से व्यक्त किया है।

Best Friend Shayari in English : There are some relationships in the world which are not given to us by God but we ourselves choose them for our lives. One of those relationships is friendship, we choose our friends ourselves. These friends dance with us in our happiness and hold hands in our sorrow. Poets also wrote many poems in the name of these friends, but simple-minded poets also got

Best Friend Shayari in English

Friend. every face shines.
Friendship is the identity of happiness and sorrow.
Even if someone gets angry. don’t take it to heart.
Because friendship is a little silly.

The fresh air smells of flowers.
Birds chirping in the first light.
Whenever you open your eyelids.
May there be a glimpse of happiness in those eyes.

When friendship is true and strong.
So there is no need to express it.
No matter how far away a friend goes.
There is no need to bring him closer.

Every moment of their friendship is very beautiful.
The chain of memories in friendship is very beautiful.
We always remember him in our loneliness.
That’s why loneliness is more beautiful to us than gatherings.

The journey is of friendship.
which never ends.
Friendship is our dearest.
which never ends.

Why do tears flow from the eyes.
Why do we remember sorrow in loneliness.
Someone please wipe the tears and tell us this.
Why do we often remember those who are far away.

Why do friends share all the sorrows of life.
Why do friends support us in life.
The relationship with them is only of the heart.
Why do you still accept us as your friends.

I keep your friendship in my heart.
I keep your smile in my eyes.
We can never forget you.
That’s why we keep your memories buried in our breath.

The journey of life is very strange.
Sometimes it is difficult and sometimes it is easy.
When we find friends like you.
So nothing is difficult. everything is easy.

These days will pass like this.
We friends will get separated one day.
Don’t be angry with my mischief.
One day I will remember these moments.

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best friend bestie friendship shayari in english

Try making a better friend than us.
Just try this once.
Then you see the difference in our friendship.
Once again get lost in our memories.

friendship shayari in hindi
A good and true friend is a flower.
Which we cannot even break.
And can’t even leave you alone.
If you break it. it will wither.
And if you leave it. someone else will take it.

O friend. we are proud of your friendship.
Always ask to meet.
Such friends are rarely found.
who ask to meet us.

What comes from the heart touches the heart.
This often remains a unique thing.
Some people change the meaning of friendship.
But someone’s friendship changes the world.

Not the history of life again.
I miss my friends at every turn. every moment.
Friendship is in the moments of friendship. sorrow arises.
Thinking of those moments. our eyes become moist.

A sweet and true friend is a flower.
There is a purpose in friendship.
We never lose true friends.
If someone snatches it. it is not ours.

People are needed in gatherings.
Love rains in the heart.
Our gathering is incomplete without friends.
Because a friend’s destruction happens in every situation.

When God’s mercy was mentioned.
We found our own good fortune.
Was a friend of a friend of a friend.
I automatically came here as a friend.

If something is said from the heart then that heart has to be searched.
And even something unsaid says something.
Some people only give meaning to friendship.
And for some. life changes just because of friendship.

Color form is seen in this root.
But we like to look at hearts.
Dreams are seen in this forest.
But we like to see reality.
In this root people find a true friend.
And we search for friends all the time.

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heart touching best friend shayari in english

What a strange thing friendship is.
But this is also the destiny of very few people.
The one who grabs hold of this hem in life.
Understand that heaven is very close to them.

Any relationship or friendship gets destroyed.
Any lasting friendship becomes a punishment.
But we tell you.
If friendship is done from the heart.
So friendship is the reason for living.

There will be a storm in your friendship.
I will fulfill my heart’s desires in your friendship.
If your friendship supports you completely.
So we will leave even death behind in friendship.

We promise to be together every moment.
We promise to walk together every step of the way.
You give us precious things but.
We promise to always remember you.

We lost in the race of life.
We have left all the complaints behind.
We told our precious friend.
Or have we really lost in the journey of life.

Friendship is like a raw paper.
From this sketch. strategy is not a chain.

Friendship is that feeling.
Which also passes the explorer logo.
Your friend who supports you every moment.
Otherwise he leaves his shadow along with him.

I wish the voice of the heart could have this much impact.
That as soon as we remember. it becomes news.
This is our prayer to God.
That the one whom you fear becomes your companion.

What is a true friend who never gives us up.
He should never put it in anyone’s sight.
And never put it in anyone’s step.

Scatter friendship like hay.
Make friendship smell like flowers.
Keep us in your heart.
Keep our memories in your heart.

 Sukoon Shayari in Hindi

best friend ke liye shayari in english

This is how you came into life as my friend.
This time we forgot.
Whether you ever remember us or not.
But we forgot to forget you.

If someone places a dream on your eyelids.
If someone writes your name on your breath.
So promise me you won’t forget me.
I wish I could find someone more loving than me.

We can never erase their thoughts.
We can never forget their friendship.
Even today I remember that lovely fun.
So we can’t test our friends.

It is very difficult to find a true friend.
But it is even more difficult to gain and lose it.
And it’s impossible to forget that friend.

Never love a false friend.
And never play games with a true friend.

Which is called the pen of the heart and the ink of love.
Which is called the book of moments and the cover of memories.
This subject is called friendship.

Whether life will last or not. friendship will last.
Will you remember whether you stay close or stay away.
Always keep smiling in your life.
Because in your laughter there will be a smile for me too.

May the lights smile like your flowers.
That the dark wind could not even choose you.
Although it is the autumn season.
May even one flower of your happiness wither.

We sing the song of friendship.
Friendship sometimes makes you laugh and sometimes makes you cry.
We say that we will stay together for the rest of our lives.
But people often get separated.

We said. O rain. let it stop.
When my friend comes. it will rain heavily.
He may not come before it rains.
After his arrival it rained so much that he could not go.

funny birthday shayari for best friend in english

A true friend is not necessarily a seal of love.
It is not necessary that that friend is very beautiful.
The friendship of a true friend is known when.
When we need him in trouble.

A friend’s love is no less than a prayer.
There is no sorrow even if friends are far away.
Love often diminishes in friendship.
But love never diminishes in friendship.

You will leave your shortcomings in my heart.
Will leave a mark of waiting in your eyes.
Remember you will keep looking for us.
Will leave such a story of friendship.

You will be missing in every moisture.
The eyes will remain a little moist.
No matter how much we decorate our life.
I will always remember a friend like you.

When I miss you at night.
Your picture is visible in the stars.
Eyes search for those faces.
In whose memory the morning dawns.

The moon shines alone among the stars.
Man stumbles alone in difficulties.
Don’t be afraid to bite. my friend.
Because the rose smiles even amidst the thorns.

Neither with heart nor with mind.
This friendship of ours happened by chance.
That friend was very sweet.
We prayed to God for that friend.

Life may pass but friendship should never diminish.
Remember us even if we are not around.
May this lovely journey continue till doomsday.
Pray that this relationship never ends.

One should know how to maintain relationships.
There should be loyalty in friendship.
No matter how deep the clouds of sorrow become.
You just need to be with a friend.

You are not in front of me but I can take your picture.
I can tell how you are without even meeting you.
We are so sure of our friendship.
I can drop tears from your eyes with my eyes.

best friend ko manane ki shayari in english

Today my heart started asking for my picture.
What did you get by luck.
Keeping your photo in my heart.
I have found this dear friend in the crowd of the world.

I miss some things from the past.
Some memories fill my eyes with tears.
That morning and evening become colourful.
When I remember the moments of friendship.

Don’t make a promise if you can’t keep it.
Don’t want someone you can’t have.
There are many friends in the world.
But definitely have one special person without whom you cannot smile.

Friends. there are no rules in friendship.
And there is no school to teach it.

I was waiting for a moment in my life.
My friend was dearer than your faithful love.
Your love broke me so much.
Then it was my friend who connected me.

friendship day shayari in hindi
Try to believe in us.
We do not hurt anyone on this website.
There was something about you that we liked very much.
Otherwise we also don’t make anyone friends just like that.

Friendship is a relationship. the one who maintains it is an angel.
Friendship is the only true love whose tradition is separation.
Even after separation. do not forget that this is the victory of friendship.

Not every disease needs medicine.
Some pain is worth smiling with friends.

May the rising face illuminate you.
Let the blooming flower give you fragrance.
We are not capable of giving happiness.
May the giver give you a thousand happiness.

Who knows what the limits of the path are.
Who knows what the destination is.
Every moment of friendship is very precious.
Who knows when we will get separated from each other.

best friendship day shayari in english

The nights are nameless.
The day is in someone’s name.
This is how we live life.
That every moment is just for friends.

This is how I will repay the favor of friendship.
You may forget me but I will always remember you.
This is what I have learned from friendship.
I will pray for you before myself.

I have something to tell my friends.
We have to erase our sorrow and smile.
We were once his friends.
Nowadays they have to be reminded.

We pray to that Lord.
I want your friendship.
May I get a friend like you in every life.
It is good if you meet me. otherwise I may not get life at all.

How will we repay the debt of this friendship.
Who will we be friends with when we are no more.
Oh God. keep my friends safe.
Because only my friends will pray for my survival.

Why do friends become a balm for the wounds of life.
Why do friends stay together in life.
There is no relation with them either by blood or tradition.
Why do we still go this far together. friends.

We love our enemies.
Give up smile on love.
think a lot
Make a promise to us. O friend.
Our promise is to give life to Gujarat.

Friendship does not happen by meeting all the time.
Friendship is from the heart.

This world does not run in the name of memories.
The gathering does not move without a poet.
Just call me once. friend!
Because watching this without friends is not possible.

What will happen when the bastard passes away.
Who knows where among all our friends.
And when we meet. it will be only in dreams.
Like fake roses are available in the market.

best friend shayari english mein

Light is sometimes sunshine and sometimes shade.
Only your name is on our lips.
My friend. try asking something from us.
My life is in my hands.

Friendship is an addiction.
pdf we become intoxicated.
He is in the school of fun.
We become happy.

discovery of christians
Try to live life without happiness.
O my friend. live every moment in the light with a smile.
Don’t watch life for life’s sake for any reason.

Where does the path of light turn.
Some blossom in the heart as smiles.
In some light such friends are friends.
No one may support but they stay together.

If you get light then make such friends.
Otherwise we should not even call for this light.

We will become the embodiment of your light.
We will become the smile of your love.
Whoever becomes thirteen faces any difficulty in life.
We will become the starry sky.

There will be friendship for a friend.
There will be new people. there will be new things.
We will sell at any cost.
If your friendship is with them only.

This is my delicate heart. don’t ever break it.
We should never turn back on anything.
We are a little foolish. we should step aside a little.
And let this friendship never break with us.

There is a feeling even in the fragrance.
The relationship of love is special.
It is not possible to say everything verbally.
That’s why another name of friendship is trust.

Learn to live by hiding all the sorrows in the light.
Learn to live life with a smile.
Collectively all friends are happy.
Learn to live without missing friends.

best friend birthday wishes shayari in english

What kind of situation will it be after you leave.
Who among all our friends would have said.
Then if I get appointed then I will meet you in my dreams.
Like getting fake roses.

The relation of friendship is that which connects two strangers.
Whatever the light may be. it helps in changing the path.
is a true friend.
When even your shadow leaves you but only friends accompany you.

Hey friend. don’t let us feel ashamed.
It is our looks that are bad.
That too will change one day.
Just stay with us always.

We are those who sacrifice our lives for friendship.
We give all our happiness.
To make a promise very deep in our friendship.
On any promise we give our complete independence to Gujarat.

friendship poetry in hindi
There is no bad relationship.
But as you are no one’s friend.
We are very lucky to have your friendship.
But there are many people who are not like anyone.

It is not known that every desire of the heart will be fulfilled.
It is not known that every wish of the heart will be fulfilled.
When our dear friend is with a friend.
So now we don’t have to learn to beat our hearts.

If you love your relationship.
So we will be the first.
Your own worth will not be measured.
But the second question at this place.
We will be the luckiest.

O Alexander of destiny. do me a favor.
My friend is destined to be a smiley writer only.
Even the shadow of pain should not fall on him.
Well. my life is written in her destiny.

Friendship is the friendship of air.
Friendship is just a name for loyalty.
Anything is ruined for Oro.
For me friendship is a beautiful gift of myself.

some people say.
Anniversary of friendship with equals.
But we say.
No one wants to make friends in friendship.

best friend breakup shayari in english

If there is any weakness in friendship then definitely correct it.
But never give friendship to your friend.
And if you have a friend then you are the most loving one.
So he won’t be able to sleep peacefully.

All we want is this.
When we total you.
So I accept everything of yours.

Friendship is not anyone’s property.
Life does not depend on anyone.
Take a look and step into our kingdom.
Friendship does not become free after coming into our friendship.

When friends are friends. there is pride in crying too.
Without friends. even a gathering is like a crematorium.
It’s all about friendship in this world. my friend.
The rest of the funeral procession is the same.

May someone learn from you how to give fragrance to withered flowers.
May someone learn from you how to convince the angry person.
Everyone knows how to make friends.
May someone learn from you how to maintain friendship.

Friendship is not that of living beings.
Friendship is not even that which gives happiness.
That is true friendship.
who fell into the water
The ears of flowers also have to be identified.

Even today I remember that school-college friendship.
Love of love and friendship of loving friends.
I still remember those lovely moments.
And I miss the friendship of those dear friends.

A true friend is one who
Without seeing time.
is with you.

Play elaborate relationships like this.
You may be upset every day. we will celebrate every day.
But knowing the truth.
Otherwise we will go with these wet eyelids and say.

friendship shayari hindi
I can make a picture of you without looking at it thrice.
I can tell you everything without meeting you.
There is so much strength in my friendship.
The eyes of your eyelashes may fall from your eyelids.

what is shayari called in english

Friendship is like that.
which sometimes breaks.
Click here to join also.

Maybe we are the ones who don’t know how to live the light.
Maybe we don’t know how to maintain friendship.
I don’t know why some people are angry with us.
Maybe that’s because we don’t know how to harass anyone.

The moments of time will fly away like birds.
But it will leave behind memories.
Be friends. we will maintain friendship.
But as your friend said.

friendship is not what
You have known for the longest time.
friendship she is in hard times
Don’t leave your side.

Friendship is born in that moment.
When one person says to another:
‘What! you too.
I thought I was alone.

There is a journey of friendship.
But every moment of the journey is memorable.

friendship is that voice
There is no language.
I just go from my heart.

friendship is like a friend
There is a book.
which covers every page
A beautiful memory.

friendship is known as
in whose words it is not
can be expressed.
can just be felt.

Friendship is a lamp.
Brings joy in the intense darkness.

best friend forever shayari in english

May the journey be the path of friendship.
The sun rises and sets every evening.
The dawn of our friendship will not dawn.
But every relationship is changing.

If you have friends. even tears have pride.
If there is friendship. then the gathering is also a graveyard.
The whole game is about friendship.
Other funeral processions are the same.

Why do friends lend a hand in times of trouble.
Why are friends selling sorrow.
Neither relation of blood nor bond of customs.
Still. friends are with you all your life.

You were a stranger to us.
Nice to work with u friend.
Your friendship with Basic Sagar is deep.
I knew how to swim. but I liked drowning.

One night God asked my heart.
Why are you so lost in friendship.
Then the heart said that friends have given all the happiness.
The heart has always cried after loving others.

something beautiful never leaves you
Moments do not get angry with time
We meet such friends in life
Relationships never work…

friendship lasts almost a lifetime
who resides in every heart
Well. everyone lives alone
But still everyone has to invest in it…

From one document the startup’s site will be
The boat of the heart will be a shore advice
We will follow you every step of the way
where you will be surprised

People say that do not make so many friendships that friendship takes over the heart.
We say that make friends so much that even your enemies fall in love with each other.

Our conservatism is also very special.
That’s why you become our friend!!

best friend ke liye birthday shayari in english

May my fateful night do me a favor.
Write another smile in my friend’s destiny.
May you never experience pain.
If you want then write his fate my love!!

What title should friends give to your friendship.
What to account for so much love.
If you also have a good flower then bring it.
But what rose to give to someone who is a bouquet herself.

People see looks. we see heart.
People dream. we see reality.
People see friends in the world.
We friends see in the world.

Friend. understand everything in your heart.
Suffering accompanies every moment of happiness.
Friends bring together those who are fortunate.
We pray for this every time we get such a fate!!

Friendship is not the same as true friendship.
Friendship is not even what mosques are.
If there is true friendship then it is.
Who wants to identify even a flower fallen in water!!

somewhere it will be dark and somewhere it will be evening
All my happiness will be in the name of friendship
If you ask for something then see friend
There will be laughter on turmeric and life on garlic…

Only friends recognize friends.
Only friends give smiles to friends.
When the need for friendship is dangerous.
So friends kill each other.

You will meet many friends on the path of life.
What about us… we will get thousands better than us.
Don’t forget us in this crowd of good people.
Where will we meet you again and again!!

May I become your friend in your life.
That we have forgotten this time.
Whether we remember you or not.
But we forgot you!

God forbid that I live forgetting the shadow.
Your friendship has become my life.
This is a different matter. life is not faithful.

best friend shayari in english in hindi

It will be very sad when we leave.
You will apply a lot of oil but flowers will not come.
When no one supports you then call us. oh friend.
Even if he is in the sky. he will return.

Love relationship is not that deep.
There is no greater relationship than the relationship of friendship.
Told me not to turn this friendship into love.
Dear. there is nothing in love except deception.

If you say it with love then ask for the sky.
If you say something angrily then ask for a smile.
This is friendship. don’t break it.
Again the karmic birds ask for our lives.

Friends understand everything in the heart.
Sadness and happiness accompany every moment
Friends bring together those who are fortunate.
Every time we get such a fate. we pray for it.

The exclamation of distant feeling began to haunt me.
I remember every moment I spent with you.
Whenever both of them tried to forget a friend.
You came even closer to my heart.

We are the flowers that don’t bloom every day
These are the pearls that are never found
If you separate from us. you will feel darkness
We are those friends who do not meet every day.

I remember some lovely moments.
Tears flow on the eyelids.
If you find someone else tomorrow. don’t forget us.
Friendship relationships last a lifetime.

This is the bond of beautiful friendship
who lives without any condition
distance is not between
Friends are always kept in the heart

Your friendship is the shore of life’s storms
Your friendship is the destination of heart’s desires
your life will also become heaven
If my friendship stays with you till death!!!

Be friendly so I never feel lonely.
O friend. never be sad in your life.
We pray to God.
Friends. whoever you meet should not be less than us.

best friend dhoka shayari in english

Meeting and separation are all a game of luck.
Sometimes there is hatred and sometimes hearts meet.
Every relationship in the world is sold.
There is only friendship here.

I thank you for your kind friendship.
Even if you forget. I will remember.
This is all that friendship has taught me
That I may pray for you before me.

What is that heart which does not pray to meet.
God forbid I live forgetting you.
May your friendship remain my life.
It is a different matter if life is not faithful.

Don’t know how it will be after years.
Who among all our friends would have said.
If we have to meet again. we will meet in dreams.
Like the dried roses found in books.

Love and friendship are two places in my life.
Love is my soul and friendship is my faith.
I will dedicate my whole life to love.
But even my love gets sacrificed for friendship.

Friendship is a gift of happiness. not of pain.
A loved one stays with you all your life.
This is that beautiful feeling of the heart.
By whose power this entire universe is illuminated.

There is a faint sound in the silence.
There is a deep secret even in loneliness.
Not everyone gets good friends here.
We are proud to meet you.

we were as small as coal
Your friendship has turned us into diamonds

What is the use of such height. friends.
That man rises and falls only by humanity

Enemies are jealous of me because
I have brothers as friends

good night shayari in english for best friend

Only friendship remains as profit!
There is a lot of loss in the business of love.

Whenever I look at the past.
So I just remember the stories of your and my childhood friendship.

The weather is very cold today
come my friend
The misunderstandings we have today
Set on fire

There is strength in friendship sir!
bow before the mighty
Where did Sudama have so much strength.
Getting feet washed by Shri Krishna.

walking with a friend in the dark
It’s better to walk alone in the light

annoying friends
not everyone is lucky

Life has its own principles
Even thorns are acceptable for the sake of friendship

don’t need much
just be friends like that
which does not change depending on the weight of the pocket

What a wonderful thing this friendship is!
There is weight but not burden.

best friend shayari english me

there is no day in friendship
nor is there any attack
this is the true feeling
which happens again and again

Where is every prayer accepted.
where every wish is fulfilled
who have friends like you in their heart
Is heartbeat important to them too.

age sheet
this damn friend too
Don’t let it get old!

The name of the shadows of happiness is friendship.
Friendship is the jam of the depths of sorrow.
Here is a dear friend of ours.
The name of her sweet laughter is friendship.

If God had not created this relationship.
If a dear friend had not been introduced to me.
Our life becomes completely desolate.
If I had not found a friend like you.

Friendship is the result of small mischiefs.
Friendship is the message of untold relationships.
Friendship is the name of fun day and night.
But without you this friendship is absolutely lifeless.

It is not so difficult to recognize my friends.
They forget to laugh when they see me crying.

This is the only principle of our friendship.
When you are accepted. everything about you is accepted.

They don’t remember. we can’t forget.
They can’t make you laugh. we can’t make you cry.
Our friendship is very beautiful.
They can’t tell. we can’t express.

Hey friend. whenever you are very sad.
My thoughts will be around your heart.
Whenever I remember from the bottom of my heart.
You will feel close to us.

best friend miss you shayari in english

What should I do about something there is no news about.
What prayer should I make that has no effect.
How can I tell you. friend. you feel my age.
Who knows. I may not be that old in the next moment.

This is how you came into life as a friend.
That we have forgotten this time.
Whether you ever remember us or not.
But we forgot to forget you.

There was a feeling of loneliness in the crowd of the world.
I thought that no one was mine in my destiny.
One day when I became friends with you. I felt like this.
There was something special in the lines of my hand.

What could be a greater desire than relationships.
What can be a greater worship than friendship.
Who can find a friend like you.
What other complaint would he have against life.

Habits are different from my world.
I have very few friends but very good friends.

Friendship is the name of the story of happiness and sorrow.
The secret of friendship is to always smile.
This is not a passing introduction.
Friendship is a promise to stay together for life.

Whenever we leave your world.
I will give you lots of happiness and love.
That whenever you remember this crazy friend.
Tears will come out of your eyes while laughing.

Plucked a star from the sky and gave it to me.
There is a joke in this desolate world.
Even my fate is proud of me.
God has given me such a dear friend.

There is a faint sound in the silence.
There is a deep secret even in loneliness.
Not everyone gets good friends here.
We are proud to meet you.

Try and see whether my friendship is true or not.
Trust me. come to me and see.
Gold never changes its color.
Try to set fire as many times as you want.

best friend ki shayari in english

We have to pray to God.
There should be no worship except your friendship.
In every birth I get friends like you.
Or you may never get life.

Only the lucky ones find shelter in someone’s heart.
However. not every person gets to know about heaven.

Lamps burn even in storms.
Roses bloom even among the thorns.
That evening is very lucky.
When we meet friends like you.

You always keep smiling. this is our wish.
I only ask for your happiness in every prayer.
You can see the whole world as your friend.
You will feel our absence even today.

If you consider yourself a friend then keep maintaining friendship.
Remember us too. remember yourself too.
All our happiness comes from friends only.
Whether we are happy or not. you just keep smiling.

We are a little crude in worldly matters.
But in matters of friendship they are true.
Our truth rests only on this.
that our friends are better than us.

Friendship is a gift of happiness. not of pain.
A loved one stays with you all your life.
This is that beautiful feeling of the heart.
By whose power this entire universe is illuminated.

Love and friendship are two places in my life.
Love is my soul and friendship is my faith.
I will dedicate my whole life to love.
But even my love gets sacrificed for friendship.

Life is not special every moment.
The fragrance of flowers is not always nearby.
It was our destiny to meet. otherwise.
Such a lovely friendship doesn’t happen just like that.

Friendship is a protector from the storms of life.
Friendship is the destination of heart’s desires.
Life will also become your paradise.
If friendship supports you till death.

new year shayari for best friend in english

Time will fly by when we are together.
Who will miss whom while staying away.
Live this moment while being with me. friends.
Who knows where time will take you tomorrow.

We will neither be there tomorrow nor will anyone complain.
It will just be a series of limited memories.
Spend the moments laughing. friend.
Who knows what life’s decision will be tomorrow.

Hope should be such that it compels one to live.
The path should be such that it compels you to walk.
May the fragrance of your friendship never diminish.
Friendship should be such that it forces us to meet.

We don’t make anyone cry by making friends.
Keep someone in your heart and never forget it.
We can even give our lives for our friends.
And you think we don’t maintain friendship.

Whoever I like I call my friend.
I don’t do politics of relationships just by looking at profits.

Every face shines friend.
Friendship is the identity of happiness and sorrow.
Even if someone gets angry. do not take it to heart.
Because friendship is a little silly.

When friendship is true and strong.
So there is no need to express it.
No matter how far a friend goes.
No need to bring him closer.

Why do tears flow from the eyes.
Why do we remember sadness in loneliness.
Someone please wipe your tears and tell us this.
Why do we often miss those who are far away.

Why do friends share all the sorrows of life.
Why do friends support us in life.
The relationship with them is only of the heart.
Why do you still accept us as your friends.

I keep your friendship in my heart.
I keep your smile in my eyes.
We can never forget you.
That’s why we keep your memories buried in our breath.


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